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I have just completed reading Stella Stickland’s autobiography titled, “Is It An Omen?” If you’ve ever read a book in which you just weren’t ready for it to end, you will understand the feelings I had as I neared the end of Ms. Stickland’s book. I was rather surprised in these feelings, because I had a little difficulty getting into the book in the beginning. The author is British & uses a lot of terminology & slang phrases particular to British culture. And so I was sometimes at a loss as to what some of the euphemisms were about. However, as I found myself releasing that ‘hang up’, I enjoyed the chapters more & more. And in the end, I was mentally clamoring for more of the colorful terms & vivid wordings.

Stella’s life story is an inspirational one; leading a circuitous route from desperation and abject poverty to levels of joy and complete success. Time and again, she was forced to ‘start over’ and re-invent herself. She did this with aplomb and a gusto seldom seen in today’s world. As you read her tales of everyday life, you will find yourself fully invested in her trials & tribulations. Hoping against hope that she once again comes out on top.

I highly recommend “Is It An Omen?” to our Spirit-Works readers fan club.

In a world where the fighting human spirit for renewed hope is sometimes a dim light on the path, Ms. Stickland’s book offers new hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Happy Reading!
Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin (
December 2005

Stella's story of inspiration
LIKE most people's lives, Stella Stickland's has been one of a rollercoaster ride. But while most of us ride out the bumps and dips, Stella has been on the ride with the tallest peaks and the lowest falls and survived to tell the tale.

Her story is an inspiration, especially for women, and one I found hard to put down. "Is it an Omen?" is all the more interesting because it takes place in East Sussex with frequent mention of local people and places, including Bexhill.
It tells how she won and lost and finally won again through the traumas and successes of both her business and personal life.
She struggled to cope with panic attacks, agoraphobia and, as a divorced single mum, to support herself and two young sons.
Despite her first failed relationship she strongly advocates marriage. She believes in God and reincarnation and regards the vari­ous religions as many paths to the same goal. Through her book she attempts to offer hei,_ beliefs and thoughts about morality, politics, spirituality and life to guide others to a better life.
I found her story fascinating though at times irritatingly repetitive that would have benefited from some stricter editing, but still a worthwhile read.
Stella now lives with her husband Mike in Battle and as well as being an author is a skilled counsellor and healer.

Bexhill Observer - Jan. 14th 2005>

Articles in the Battle Observer,
and in the Hastings Observer -
16 Jan 2004:

Stella's spiritual thoughts

BATTLE-BASED author Stella Stickland has published her first book, an 'emotive and inspirational' autobiography entitled 'Is It An Omen?'
Described as the inspiring story of how a woman overcomes many trials in life, it weaves together her beliefs and thoughts about morality, politics, spirituality and life.
According to Stella, the book - published before Christmas - is quite political and very spiritual.

Published by Blackie and Co., Stella's autobiography has already been nominated for an award.
Stella moved to Hastings in 1975 and has since lived in Sedlescombe, St Leonards, Winchelsea and now Battle. She owned a property development company in Hastings, and antiques shops in St Leonards and Rye.
Stella's path as an author, counsellor and healer lends the book its spiritual element. In it, she says: "There is such a need for healing in the world today, mostly healing of the mind".
"People are so confused, to the point where they are not enjoying their lives as they should be. Life is such a wonderful gift. Hopefully this book will help people understand what life is all about ... the journey of your soul."

Reader's review from the Amazon website: March 4th 2004:

Stella Stickland's story is one of great strength, humility, love for her sons and passion for her beliefs. It must have taken huge amounts of emotion and courage to be so honest about her life and her spiritual beliefs.
I found it easy to read, eager to know the outcome of her life and thought how brave a woman she is.

We could all do at times with taking a leaf out of her book, and to know that all comes right in the end if you just keep going. This book gives you that inner strength. A must read.

Reviewer: Cheryl Frampton from Florida, USA
NOTE: Cheryl Frampton is an author in her own right

Reader's review from the Amazon website: February 26, 2004:

Cracking Good Read
The cover is a good indicator of what you are going to be taken through in this book, it's something of a roller coaster ride and certainly supports the theory that "Truth IS stranger than fiction". There are certainly bits in this book that will provoke you to think again about yourself, your life and what you want from it.

This is one of those books you really don't want to put down, this one was done and dusted in 3 sittings in less than as many days, such was it's appeal. Normally it would take me a lot longer to get through a book, for me that's a good indicator of how good a read this book is.

It's got a splendid narrative, you can almost hear the author's voice telling the story in an easy going, 'matter-of-factly' way. It's easy to understand why she the author felt the need to write all this down. She's experienced such a diverse slice of what life can throw one's way and come out smiling when most would have gladly chucked in the towel.

Definitely worth reading....

Reviewer: Fleeceyflen from Essex, UK

Reader's review from the Amazon website: 7 Jan 2004:

What an eye opener!
I was really excited when I got this book. I was immediately caught by the eye-catching cover and once I started to read it I couldn't put it down.

The main theme that runs through this extraordinary autobiography is the author's challenge she has, suffering from agoraphobia and how she doesn't allow this to get in her way of living life to the full. She explains how, when left with 2 small children, she moves into property development and builds this up from nothing into a thriving business. She includes her agonising experiences with the health profession, financial managers, and other authority figures, in a way which can only leave you feeling 'I know what you mean'. Within the book she shares her honest, often 'straight to the point' views on our society and how if we don't change our attitudes soon, we are all heading for disaster.

This book certainly made me think about my own life and how it could be changed for the better. I can only admire how she encountered numerous setbacks along the way but somehow found an enormous strength to pick up the pieces and soldier on.

Interspersed within all this are her spiritual views and experiences and how, from a young age, she has been able to see auras and now works as a healer. Fascinating!

This book begins at a gentle, steady pace then part way through begins to rev up until by the end you find yourself eagerly cruising along the motorway. A very inspiring read.

Reviewer: Cosmic Rainbows from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

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