Stella Stickland

Counsellor, Healer, Life Coach, Food Allergy and Intolerance Advisor, Writer.
Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. 07719 195334

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Stella is a woman unlike any other that you will meet. She is an enigma.

On the one hand she is sensitive and spiritual. As a child she could see auras. She felt rather like an outsider for various reasons, seeing both the beauty in nature and the illogicality in human behaviour. She was sometimes regarded as a rebel.

She believes in God, and reincarnation, and regards the various religions as many paths to the same goal. She has an innate ability to guide others, and has become a skilled counsellor.

At the same time she is focussed, practical and capable. When she was left to support herself and two small sons, what did she do? Despite having negligible capital and little experience she started a successful property development company, which renovated and converted large seaside houses into flats.

Stella is a very political person, with strong views on most subjects. She is also an inspiration to women, believing that - for them - nothing is impossible. Whilst not a feminist in the usual sense of the word, she does believe that women should have equal status and opportunities. She also advocates marriage, believing it to be the best way to bring up children.




Stela Stickland

Is It An Omen?
Stella's first
published book
"Is It An Omen?"

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